As I sit alone in my home this rainy morning, for 60 plus days in a row, I have reflected — a lot — on how this time has changed me. The time to reflect is such a gift, even though I resisted in the early days of lockdown by keeping myself busy and distracted. That frantic energy, though, has shifted to a calm sense of spacious joy. While there are pillars (ie appointments and Zoom calls) still structuring my days, I have had much time to rest, to heal, to understand my true vocation in helping more people experience deep healing. I have had some minor health crises of my own during this lockdown and that has taught me so much about healing, what healing truly embodies.

My reflections so far, in no particular order, about how the COVID lockdown has impacted me and my service to community:

  • To deeply love my connections to family and friends, especially the kind texts and emails asking how I am REALLY feeling in solitude. And how many new friends with whom I have connected!
  • Deeper respect for the unique challenges each of us face in lockdown; that is, feeling lonely or feeling overwhelmed with living in constant and close quarters with others. We are together in this, but in different boats indeed. 
  • To reconnect with generosity, and how small acts and donations to causes dear to me can really make a difference, plus how good it feels to regularly support one another!
  • Being in nature, conversing with nature, what enlightening conversations I have had with plants, birds, the earth, the rain, the wind!
  • Realizing how attending to my needs is crucial to the health of all my relationships both personal and professional. i now will be taking more regular time for my own healing and say ‘no’ more often!
  • Discovering how much agency I have to heal, and sharing that realization with loved ones and patients (although I consider patient to be my loved ones as well)
  • That my heart has so much greater capacity for love than I ever imagined
  • How good it feels to love my body through self-massage, dance, walking in nature, yoga, eating home-cooked meals
  • Discerning what I truly need –there are definitely some activities I miss (actual hugs, anyone? Or going to a cinema to see a film, etc) but I enjoy a simple life with few needs. i no longer feel the need to complicate my life, to aspire to have an Instagram-worthy ‘perfect’ life
  • That a beautiful home can be created anywhere (I recently adorned my home with old pieces of art that I had stored for several months. it’s made such a difference to the energy of the space)
  • To show daily offerings of love as part of my spiritual practice — to myself, my home, my neighbourhood & neighbours, my family & friends, to my colleagues, and to my patients

This list is definitely one in progress. And now it’s your turn, please share any wisdom or insights you have had during this time of social isolation and distancing