The First Visit with Me

In your first visit which lasts 75-90 minutes, I get a 360 degree assessment of your life and health. Using your intake form as the launching pad, I probe further into your daily habits, your lifestyle, your personal medical history, and your family medical history. I also perform and recommend additional diagnostics to zero in on the underlying causes for your health concerns. At the end of this visit, I recommend a preliminary treatment plan. This plan could include diet & lifestyle changes, vitamins and minerals, energy medicine, homeopathic treatment and perhaps referrals to other health care providers as needed. I want the visits to be an effective use of our time, so I always appreciate your feedback on what changes are reasonable, aspiration or sustainable.

Momentum Sessions

This is the stage where your treatment plan is further implemented, nuanced and adjusted as you make changes in your life.. We brainstorm solutions to setbacks or stalls in your progress.  I may recommend layering in additional treatments such as acupuncture and Reiki. The momentum sessions also serve as firm but gentle accountability to ensure that you getting closer to your health goals. These visits range from 30-60 minutes., scheduled weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. 

Naturopathic Pediatrics 

Is your child having difficulties with paying attention in school? Are they constantly sleep-deprived? Are they struggling with symptoms of a depressed or anxious mood? Do they have obsessive-compulsive behviours? Or maybe dealing with stress? Do they have a diagnosis of autism or ADHD? Have they been grappling with disordered eating and severe dieting approaches? There are effective naturopathic options for all these concerns. For more than 15 years, I have worked with children, teenagers and families to optimize health, using the best of conventional medicine and naturopathy. I truly believe that habits made in childhood sustain lifelong health. That’s why pediatrics is a main focus for my practice.