About Me

Dr. Caroline Meyer ND

Doctor of Naturopathy and Reiki Master

I have a passion for helping children and adults make their brains and minds work better. Are you struggling with the blahs, intrusive worries, sleep problems, attention difficulties and /or a bit of all of this? I can relate…since childhood, I had dealt with an active, anxious and sometimes depressed mind. At times, sleep has been elusive for me. I knew that life had more peace to offer, and so I began my exploration of the healing of all my challenges. Initially, I became lost in all the details and possiblilties. I tried many kinds of psychotherapy, diets, herbs, shamanic healing, you name it. Eventually, I found the combination of healing approaches that worked for me.  I started having more peaceful days tban troubling days. Now, I am feeling well in mind, heart and body most days. 

I am here to help you, your teenager or child get to your own healing recipe without having to rely on guesswork, random suggestions, or ‘Dr Google’. I help you find natural solutions that are effective and fit into your daily life.  Working with me, you’l get a unique plan, based on leading edge evidence and traditional healing, to  regain your mental health and enjoy your life again. 

As a naturopathic doctor, I have helped hundreds of people, like you, to figure out their own mental wellness solution.